Water front – First Prize

About Projects Sketch Contact Facebook Instagram WATERFRONT TERRACINA Terracina Waterfront: public spaces and street furnitureTerracina (LT), Italy.2009 The new Waterfront Plaza will completely redefined and wwill reorganize the access to th beach and reconsidering the spatial dialogue between the city and the sea.The proposed intervention covers an area of about 9000 sq.m and a beach …

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Medical Center

About Projects Sketch Contact Facebook Instagram MEDICAL CENTER Medical Diagnostic Center, Akth Kanoor, Nigeria We have been commissioned to model a prototype blueprint for MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE with a design that will be followed in 10 different locations across Nigeria. AKTH KANOOR will be the first location to see the light of this initiative by …

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Prototype 2014

About Projects Sketch Contact Facebook Instagram VILLA MATINO TERRACINA Renewable energy charging station Two experimental designs model from Deonstudio. The innovation is a photovoltaic Renuable energy charging station for electric bikes. Prototype #1 is designed to fit the aesthetics and the characteristics of Italy’s historical and cultural sites whereas Prototype #2 is a model for …

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Bet She'An, Israel

Bet She’An, Israel

About Projects Sketch Contact Facebook Instagram BEIT SHE’AN ISRAEL Beit She’an exterior Municipality PlazaA Restyling proposal for Beit She’an Municipality Building facade and exterior plaza with the creation of new functions such as a fountain and rest bar area including Info point for Visitors.

Bolzano Tower

About Projects Sketch Contact Facebook Instagram BOLZANO TOWER Bolzano Province Headquarters 2016/17 (Project in collaoboration with studio Ricatti – Vicenza) The concept materializes in a volume that is proposed as a new symbol for the skyline of Bolzano, but at the same time able to dialogue with the existing volumes and to draw on and …

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